Traditional acupuncture

About me

I graduated from The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Leamington Spa, which is one of the most prestigious Chinese medical colleges in the UK.

I studied Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and received my licence to practice in 1995. Since then I have built my own practice in Brockworth near Gloucester and treat patients at the local GP practice in Brockworth. In addition, I now run a surgery in Cheltenham at Leisure@Cheltenham.

I have gained valuable experience treating a wide variety of illnesses for people from all different walks of life. Helping patients with chronic and acute conditions as well as treating mental and emotional problems, including stress.

I take a great interest in alternative therapies in conjunction with western medicine. I have always sought to deepen my understanding of Chinese philosophy through martial arts such as Qi Gong and Karate.

Please see my contact details for more information on my Cheltenham and Gloucester acupuncture practices.